Taming Cuticles

Take care, be fearless

Wild Skin are a New Zealand small business specialising in high-quality nail care products. The star performers in their cuticle oils are Jojoba and Vitamin E, working together powerfully to moisturise your skin. Wild Skin products are made using these essential ingredients and a variety of vegan-friendly and cruelty-free fragrance oils. Only the best for your skin. Werk created a compelling collection of product imagery to celebrate the vibrant personality of each oil. From art direction to set styling, photography and retouching – we took care of it all.

Still life photograph by Werk Agency of pink Wildskin cuticle care product sitting atop pink plinth, with pink velvet curtain in background, and surrounded by strawberries, blueberries, grapes and berry sorbet in cocktail glass
Photograph by Werk Agency of asian young female wearing black sunglasses applying Wildskin cuticle care product to fingernails in a laundromat

Full service content production

Working with the small team at Wild Skin we planned to elevate their products and brand aesthetic through creative and compelling photography for their social media and e-commerce store. During the pre-production phase we developed the creative direction, prepared shotlists, sourced props and talent, and curated a beautiful moodboard to ensure our vision aligned with the clients'. On the shoot day we worked our magic with meticulous set styling and manipulating studio lighting to achieve the vibe we were after. The final touches were applied with intricate retouching and, bam, the client received kickass images. Needless to say, they love them.

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Still life photograph by Werk Agency of green Wildskin cuticle care product sitting atop green plinth with a hand and finger pushing it over, with green velvet curtain in background, and surrounded by mint leaves and rose petals
"They are so good and helped secure new stockists!"

Wild Skin

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