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Simpson Grierson is one of New Zealand's leading commercial law firms, and also one of the largest. Werk supplies Simpson Grierson with corporate imagery that reflects their brand positioning as industry experts at the forefront of their field. Werk brings a fresh approach to headshots, portraits and personal branding photography – ensuring corporate imagery is unique, premium and creative. From pre-production planning through to final retouching, we deliver a consistently high-quality service to match our client's.

Photograph of a female Simpson Grierson employee sitting on the ledge of a yellow building, shot by Werk Agency
Photograph of a male Simpson Grierson employee standing holding a bannister with his left hand, inside a building with wood panelled walls, shot by Werk Agency

Where There's a Will

With Werk, there is always a way. Prior to the shoot day we partner with the Simpson Grierson team to thoroughly plan and guarantee the content is fit-for-purpose, whether it be for a print publication or digital platform. Our rigorous commercial photography process means the client receives a shotlist, moodboard and production timeline to ensure alignment in process and outcome. During the shoot our talented Creative Producer and Photographer direct and support the Simpson Grierson staff to get the most natural results.

Shooting with Purpose

Whenever we approach photo and video content production we start by asking: "How will this be used?" It's crucial that the end result is considered when planning and shooting, so that the imagery is fit-for-purpose. Whether the content is for social media, print publications or your website we always ensure that the final files get the job done. During the planning process and on the shoot day we cross reference against the document layout or website flat design to guide our image composition. Every little detail is considered, that's how much we care.

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"Amazing! Always a pleasure working with you."

Simpson Grierson

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