An Iconic Duo

Ice Cream for Chocolate Lovers

Bacon and eggs. Gumboots and swanndris. Chips and dip. Could you name a better kiwi combo? Whittakers and Tip Top, surely. These two iconic New Zealand brands came together to release two divine ice cream flavours - Butterscotch Popcorn and Roasted Almond. We helped to pull back the curtain on these performers, creating the hero imagery for their launch campaign. Velvety textures and clean, crisp lighting allowed this delicious duo to take centre-stage.

Delicious dream team

This ice cream collaboration between Tip Top and Whittakers had a dream team to bring the concept to life. Working with Leslie David, a prominent French illustrator, Geoff Francis (Art Director) developed the beautiful wrappers and boxes for this exceptional range of ice cream while the team at MBM shouted this campaign from the rooftops. We photographed the hero campaign imagery in Werk's studio and retouched the images to perfection – working alongside Geoff and the MBM's Producer to execute the vision.

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"Your ice cream decision just got harder."

Whittakers x Tip Top

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