Barista Masterclass

Helping budding baristas make cafe quality coffee at home.

Breville engineer espresso machines that allow budding baristas to make a damn good coffee at home. And in partnership with our client, Flight Coffee, they ensure their customers are brewing with the best beans. Werk Agency was brought on to produce a series of three exclusive "Masterclass" videos – for the Barista Pro, Express Impress and Oracle machines – that guide home baristas through the coffee-making process, helping them to get the most out of their newly purchased machine.

Photo by Werk Agency of Breville Barista Pro coffee machine on table with hands pouring coffee beans out of a blue Flight Coffee bag
Photograph of two people from video production team from Werk Agency filming for Breville, changing lenses on their camera

End-to-end video production

Werk Agency provided end-to-end video production on time, and most importantly, on budget. From storyboarding, location scouting and talent coaching, our team worked hard during the pre-production phase to ensure everything was prepped perfectly for shoot day. On location we spent hours preparing the set with lighting to achieve the premium aesthetic we desired, working with state-of-the-art camera and audio equipment to capture high quality footage. Live monitors allowed the client to review footage in real-time, giving them confidence that nothing was missed. In the studio we edited the final videos to perfection – including colour grading and animation design – with multiple rounds of revisions for client feedback, ensuring the finished product was top notch.

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"Smooth from beginning to end. Even better than what we envisioned."


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