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A new spin on gin

Reid + Reid is a craft distillery located in Martinborough, concocted by brothers Stew and Chris Reid. With their backgrounds in engineering and winemaking, they are out to challenge the perception of a "classic" gin and promote New Zealand's unique natural flora. We'll drink to that! And that we did. After creating a collection of compelling photography content to celebrate their distinctive distillations, our team enjoyed the spoils of our labour. We can confirm, each and every drop was top shelf.

Commercial studio photography by Werk Agency of Reid + Reid Red Vermouth bottle, with a woman's hand touching a glass, surrounded by oranges and tropical ferns
Commercial studio photography by Werk Agency of Reid + Reid Red Native Gin bottle, flatlay, surrounded by native botanicals

Bespoke photography for premium products

We specialise in elevating premium products with bespoke imagery. Werk Agency provides an end-to-end photography production service; from art direction, moodboards, prop sourcing and location scouting and set styling. For Reid + Reid we photographed their beautiful products with a combination of studio and natural lighting to suit the mood we were intending to convey with each image.

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Reid + Reid

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