Long Beach Classics

Dive into flavour

Werk was served the delicious task of launching Long Beach Classics – a brand new line of savoury snacking sensations from New Zealand’s beloved Mexicano. Werk provided an end-to-end nationwide marketing campaign to get these moorish, tasty tortilla strips into as many hands as possible and build strong brand recognition for a new player in a crowded market. From creative territory development to digital and ATL channel strategy, media buying and digital advertising, influencer marketing and web design – Werk had its fingers deep in every bag to pull out a successful launch that left taste buds tingling and sales soaring. Our comprehensive marketing approach ensured Long Beach Classics made a splash in the market, delighting snack enthusiasts nationwide.

Multi-layered communications

Our creative team developed multi-layered campaign messaging and a vibrant, graphic-led approach to reinforce familiarity with product packaging. We developed one single, strong product tagline (“Dive into flavour”) to be used across all assets, product packaging, channels and ongoing marketing, highlighting our key selling point. We further tailored campaign messaging across two strategic placements. Situated in supermarket car parks (“Bring the party. Bring the classics”) we caught attention and drove immediate action as close to the point of sale as possible. Further afield on billboards and adshells we crafted a witty tagline format (“When you came for the snack table not the small talk. Classic”) to establish a strong brand voice and leave a lasting impression with clever, relatable, attention-grabbing copy that speaks to a problem and elicits a smirk.

Building a brand language

Werk transformed product packaging design into a cohesive marketing campaign for Long Beach Classics, leveraging illustrations and a versatile colour palette to establish strong brand recognition. This design language extended seamlessly across billboards, busbacks, and our vibrant, engaging website. The branded landing page not only captured digital advertising interest but also educated organic traffic about this snack category disruptor. Our web experience harmonised with the wider campaign, ensuring a unified and captivating brand presence. From illustration integration to digital strategy, Werk's creative touch amplified product visibility and engagement, contributing to a successful market launch that resonated with consumers and drove interest nationwide.


Digital ad impressions


Campaign views in supermarket carparks


Combined daily OOH visuals


Digital ad reach

Strategy & Results

As with any new product, it was essential to get customers to try the product so they could experience the depth of flavour for themselves and become brand advocates. We leveraged radio for mass exposure; radio hosts promoted our product and directed listeners to our Black Thunder team for samples, boosting awareness and customer interest. We targeted key supermarkets in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch for strategic engagement. Digital ads on Facebook and Instagram utilised the clever "Classic" messaging and geotargeted supermarket customers interested in snacks. We also optimised ads for vegan audiences to highlight our plant-based unique selling point.

Influencer partnerships showcased authentic product use, increasing engagement with the brand on social media. Bus shelter ads near supermarkets reminded customers en route. Bus back advertising expanded campaign reach along these dense population routes. In supermarket car parks, billboards greeted shoppers upon arrival, reinforcing our presence in the snack aisle. Extending beyond main centres we secured billboards in Tauranga, Taupo, and the Hawkes Bay during peak holiday season, enhancing our nationwide visibility and further associating the brand with positive, summer holiday experiences.


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