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Ready to drink soda range

The brief came in thick and fast. "We have fancy new labels. Let's make some fresh, beautiful content." Six Barrel Soda Co's ready-to-drink soda range is the benchmark for high-quality real fruit sodas, so it was crucial for the fruity heroes to take centre stage. Feijoa, strawberry, lemon, ginger, lime – flavour combos you can't get anywhere else. We imagined fruit raining down from the heavens, and so we set out to recreate our visions. Seriously, hit play on the video. Stay fresh and fruity.

Photo of colourful Six Barrel Soda syrups sitting on colourful cubes surrounded by strawberries, lemons, raspberries, limes and ginger

A whole bunch of VFX

Werk Agency worked a minor miracle on this video production project, utilising post-production visual effects to execute our vision. First we created storyboards and technical notes for the video, ensuring Six Barrel Soda Co knew exactly what they were going to get, and how we'd execute it. We then spent long days in our studio filming fruit, backdrops and hands. Once we had all the elements, we could work our magic in the editing suite, using little tricks of the trade to make it really pop. Watch the video below, the proof is in the pudding.

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"Just beautiful."

Six Barrel Soda Co

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