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Flight Coffee

Bringing us on to scale their online store revenue, we have created and optimised digital marketing campaigns to drive Shopify sales and brand awareness for Flight Coffee. Through Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, as well as Klaviyo email marketing, we've turned their online store into a substantial growth channel for their business. Our campaigns have been most effective when creating photographic and video content for Flight, showing that good content translates to good return on investment when leveraged effectively.

Delivered straight to the customer

Through curating existing branded assets and shooting monthly photographic content, we put together the right offers and campaigns to attract both new and existing customers onto Flight Coffee's online store. We’ve also created automated email marketing campaigns to increase repeat purchases and raise the average-order-value with upsells and subscriptions, making advertising more profitable with a substantial increase in customer lifetime value. As coffee is a lower price-point item, we have to track and optimise each campaign to not only hit revenue targets but maintain an affordable cost-per-purchase to maximise profitability. This process resulted in us scaling online revenue beyond our clients expectations, showing that Flight Coffee can be a true e-commerce brand.

Content from our home to yours

The silver lining of a pandemic in the 21st century is that you can still get your hands (and lips!) on excellent coffee. With a rise in work-from-home culture we shifted Flight Coffee's content strategy to feature products and coffee-making processes in the homely, everyday spaces people find themselves. Whether it's a quick Swiss Gold, or the more intensive ritual of a Chemex for two, everyone can now make coffee that rivals their baristas.


Increase in Monthly Online Revenue


Increase in Monthly ROAS


Increase in Website Traffic

Strategy & Results

Month-in and month-out we hone and adapt our digital strategy to make Flight Coffee's e-commerce store the most profitable it can be. Working with various stakeholders and governed by Flight's overarching strategic framework, we work backwards from quarterly and yearly goals to pursue results that matter most for them. We have seen an increase of 300% on monthly ROAS on key e-commerce conversion campaigns as we draw audience data from various in-house databases and creating bespoke interest-based audiences to leverage customer data and scale with lookalike audiences. Increasing average-order and lifetime customer value is at the heart of our approach, ensuring we are building a valuable community of Flight Coffee fanatics.

“Online sales have grown crazy, from 2 to 18% of our total revenue.”

Flight Coffee

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