Parliamentary Precinct

A new identity for a new corporate hub

Currently under construction, Bowen Campus is a new corporate hub in Wellington’s parliamentary precinct. Working backwards from Precinct’s objectives, we developed a brand that could speak to all the campus stakeholders, including workers, retailers, diners and visitors. We felt it needed to feel broadly accessible, and exude a sense of confidence and personality while not coming across as too obtrusive or attention-seeking.

Architecture inspiring graphic design

The visual identity was informed by the architecture itself. We utilised angles and offsets, strong forms held aloft by intricately designed support structures. The buildings’ earthquake-responsive designs provided a perceived sense of strength and endurance. The campus’s wholly dark exterior will be eye-catching from all angles. The V columns and their bases, visible on Bowen Street were a unique element worth referencing.

Wellingtonians generally require a distinctive edge

We used a restricted colour palette with an emphasis on heavy contrast and dark tones. We used an accessible and legible geometric typeface to form the logo, giving the design a contemporary edge and celebrating the geometry of the architecture. We drew from architectural elements like V columns, glazing patterns, interior and treatment to inform a unique motif, and used patterned repetition to create secondary design elements that will help build out the brand across different media and pieces of collateral.

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"The new branding looks amazing."

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