Mischief Makers

Turning the wine industry upside down

With their adventurous spirit, unshakeable commitment to sustainability and, most importantly, great tasting range of canned wines, JOIY have successfully carved out a uniquely compelling niche within the oft-traditional wine industry. Having found global success in a crowded market of supermarket and liquor store brands, JOIY approached us to amplify their digital presence and e-commerce revenue with digital marketing, social media management and regular content creation.

Selling Direct

Through A/B testing various taglines, audiences and CTAs we launched and optimised highly converting and thirst-quenching ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Our advertising created an immediate uptick in sales through JOIY's website and have been steadily growing their monthly online revenue streams throughout our partnership. Building on this e-commerce strategy we've also created campaigns to generate the right hype and engagement for new product launches needed to make a splash in local supermarkets and stores.

Sparkling Content

Bringing us on board to shake up their social media game, we developed a multifaceted content strategy for JOIY tapping into key content pillars, ensuring we consistently hit all the right notes with regard to storytelling and social engagement. Through our monthly content retainer we have been able to create a database of quality, versatile and story-driven content that engages and educates their audience – setting JOIY apart from their peers within the industry. Each month we workshop fresh content ideas, curate moodboards, source props, scout rad locations and create beautiful content that inspire viewers to seek out their own moment of JOIY!

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