Hydration Ritual

Transform your water

Daeli was born out of a dream to revolutionise everyday hydration – transforming drinking water into a daily ritual worth looking forward to. Inspired by the bustling streets of Hong Kong, where invigorating, deeply hydrating drinks are an entrenched part of the bustling urban rhythm, Daeli partnered with Werk to build this bright, energetic and refreshing brand from the ground up – from naming and communications strategy, developing a vibrant visual identity and packaging design through to capturing product and lifestyle photography and designing a beautifully seamless Shopify web experience.

Hands holding up a glass of liquid and a green and pink package of Daeli electrolytes against a backdrop of the blue sky and clouds on a sunny day
Flatlay photo of small Daeli electrolyte sachet sitting on a pink background surrounded by watermelon pieces and ice

Crafting a refreshing brand identity

Unlike other electrolyte brands, Daeli isn’t just for the gym bros and performance athletes. Our challenge was to create an accessible yet elevated brand that is equal parts aspirational and grounded. Our creative team facilitated a brand development process, intertwining the visual and communications strategy from the outset, workshopping key messages, brand archetypes and audience personas that would form the foundation of our creative approach. Integral to this was the Daeli sun motif – a symbolic embodiment of daily rituals, and the heart of our visual identity and packaging design. This emblem, alongside meticulously crafted visual guidelines, encapsulates the brand's ethos, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across all touchpoints.

Streamlining Daeli’s digital launchpad

As a direct-to-consumer brand, we designed and built a mobile-optimised, user-friendly Shopify e-commerce website to launch Daeli to the market. Balancing form and function we chose a feature-rich dynamic theme that allowed us to bring the brand’s visual identity to life, covering all the bases, paired with a selection of powerful product imagery, custom-coded elements and branded infographics to make the products shine. Meticulous care was taken to implement all the components of the design system we had crafted, including carefully considered type, colour and animated brandmarks. The result was a cohesive digital landscape that seamlessly merged aesthetics with usability, encapsulating the essence of the brand's innovative spirit.

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