Perfect Peanuts

The best nut butter on the planet

Fix & Fogg have built a peanut butter empire founded on an innovative product offering, a transparent business model and the building of authentic community. We have worked with Fix & Fogg since they sold their first jar of peanut butter – providing content production, web development and digital advertising to scale their online store along the way.

Hands throwing a Fix & Fogg baseball cap up into the air

Building a brand from scratch

Long before Fix & Fogg were a household name, they were selling jars of peanut butter at the local farmer's market. Working with founders, Roman and Andrea Jewell, we knew the importance of building an engaging and relatable brand to build a community around. High quality studio product photography, mouth-watering food photography and authentic lifestyle content were central to growing Fix & Fogg's social media following and customer base. Partnering with a creative agency, Fix & Fogg leveraged social media content to grow into the brand we all know and love today.

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"Werk shaped our brand identity."

Fix & Fogg

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