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February 17, 2023
Bre Burgess

Still Hesitant to Try TikTok? Here’s Why Your Brand Should.

TikTok offers a lower cost per acquisition and higher click-through rates than almost any other channel, making it an incredibly attractive option for advertisers. But some brands remain unconvinced.

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with over 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide (and counting). But some brands are still unconvinced. With that many eyeballs on the table, brands that are slow on the uptake are missing out on a huge opportunity, and huge potential for growth.

In the New Zealand market, TikTok offers a lower cost per acquisition and higher click-through rates than other channels, making it an incredibly attractive option for advertisers.

Despite this, many brands are still sceptical about TikTok. Here are some common myths and reservations we hear (and why they aren’t true):

Myth #1: "Brands like mine aren't on TikTok, and my audience most likely isn't either."

Fact: TikTok has a niche for everything, from cleaning (#CleanTok, anyone?), to food inspiration or even learning an instrument. If your competition isn't on TikTok, even better. Seize the opportunity to be the first of your kind and stand out. 

Myth #2: "I can't use my existing content as it has to be 'native' to the platform."

Fact: Repurposing your existing assets is easier than you think.  Give your videos and images a second life and make them feel native by adding simple text overlays, trending sounds or text-to-speech features. The more native your content is to the platform, the better it performs.

Myth #3: “TikTok doesn't offer enough targeting options for my brand’s needs.”

Fact: While the range of targeting options on TikTok may seem limited compared to platforms like Meta, we've found that the platform's auto-targeting feature is highly effective (and simplifies the process for brands and marketers alike). We have tried and tested this feature against other methods and consistently found that it outperforms. So rest assured, TikTok has plenty of tools to help your brand connect with the right audience to build your ideal community.


At Werk, we know social. Between our team of creatives, marketers and social media specialists, we can make your entry into the TikTok landscape as easy and genuine as possible. 

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